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5 simple steps to make your holidays Parisian.


If you’re not able to spend the holidays in Paris or abroad there are a few simple things you can do  to bring Europe to you. 

  • 1. Make sure to have bubbly on-hand. A bottle of champagne is great for any occasion, including the holidays. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a few bubbles in any glass will make the occasion sparkle like the Eiffel Tower.
  • 2. Fresh cut flowers always makes a room more fragrant and lively. Reminecient of the French country side or gardens in Versailles, this accent of flowers will create a sense of luxury. 
  • 3. Macaroons… Must I say much more? 
  • 4. Nail polish is a French women’s best friend, just as, red lipstick is. This quick, inexpensive purchase will not only look great on manicured nails, but also as an accent to any display. 
  • 5. Add any small Parisian souvenir to your holiday dinner table setting. This small accent will add a touch of whimsical European travels, and can also add as a conversation piece. 

I hope the 5 simple tips brighten your thoughts and holiday season! Happy travels, happy holidays, and happy new year!
Cheers! 🎄🎁🍾http://curederepos.com


Legs, Legs, Legs!



MACs leg bronzer is perfect for those winter date nights when stockings are inappropriate. There are two colors and I took the lighter of the two, which was perfect. It gets a little darker as the night goes on, but showers off. It does not run off in the rain, so if it’s rainy or you spill something it won’t streak! This product is also beautiful on your arms, I even put it on my face, neck and Deloitte. It looked natural and beautiful, with a touch of shimmer. If your looking for a quick fix for pale legs, like me, check this product out! Cheers.