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Neon nail Polish in the USA follow up!



While taking a short holiday in Boston we happened to stop into American Apparel. I found the exact nail polishes I posted in the original post, which I’m sure some of you have found as well. I wanted to update this post to let everyone know that what is stated in the original blog still stands as true.

Some small companies such as American Apparel feel that skirting the issue with the FDA is a small gamble as they have larger fish to fry. Once again these neon nail colors are safe to use. The issue with the FDA, and the registration of the neon colors still lies. In my opinion this issue is more about money than safety.

Please leave any comments or questions, and Happy father’s day weekend!


Neon nail polish is illegal in the USA!


Neon nail polish is illegal in the USA!

Have you heard that the now trendy neon nail polishes are illegal in the USA? Well if you have heard you are right, but maybe not for the reasons you think. It is rumored that the ingredients in neon nail polishes may be harmful or even caustic. Let me clarify this is not the reason why! It’s actually because the colorants have not been registered with the FDA. Anyone can register this information but it is costly and time-consuming so companies have decided to make bright colors with out the chemical composition that would deem the nail polish neon.

If you have seen neon nail polishes on shelves in the USA this just simply means that they have been more than likely imported as they are illegal to be produce in the states. If you have heard this rumor I just wanted to clarify this information so that we can all feel safe sporting this new trend!