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I have to say that if you’re not familiar with Diptyque then you are missing out on one of the finer things in life and should change that. These candles not only smell heavenly but also burn for hours without loosing integrity. 

Some of my favorite scents are Baies, which smells like a black rose; Fou de bois which smells like a winter fireside in a Swiss chalet, and of course Philosykos which smells like a fig tree from the south of France! 

So do yourself a favor and check out these candles and matching perfumes. Trust me, they make great gifts and are perfect for any occasion, you won’t be disappointed. 



Game Changer




P50 by Biologique Rechereche has changed my skin for the better.  A little over two months ago I had about ten to twelve cystic acne on my face in the hormonal area (chin/ jaw line), and neck.  I was contemplating going back to my Dermatologist to get on a round or two, or three of meds for this embarrassing adult acne.  I have been on Accutane TWICE in my life, as well as, Tetracycline, Monocyline, Retin-A, and so on and so forth.  I have even tried Pro-Active, Clearasil, and EVERYTHING ELSE. You name it, I’ve used it.

I have a healthy diet, and lifestyle, as I work out and try to keep it all balanced, although two months ago  proved to be to stressful.  I made it through the holidays, and then the semester from hell reared it’s ugly head, as I took on to big of a work load.  I was transiting between jobs, and moving to a new place, all by myself, not to mention life in general.  At this point my skin decided that my body was under to much stress, and broke out like I was seventeen all over again! GREAT!

Upon starting a new job at the number one spa in Philadelphia as an Aesthetician, I had full blown adult acne. Seriously!?  I thought I was going to be fired before I was barley hired.  I was embarrassed,  and ashamed to have such horrible skin.  My job is to tell clients how to care for their skin.  I needed to get it into check, real quick.

This is where I was introduced to P50, other amazing products, and facials, that have aided my skin to heal.  I didn’t have to go to a Dermatologist and get back on meds!  I stopped trying to extract my skin EVERY NIGHT, and let it heal. Wow, what a great idea.  I was constantly damaging my skin, never giving it a break to do what skin does best, regenerate.  What amazing advice from my Boss, but I know that when you are in your own skin, and constantly breaking out, one thinks “let me just get it out”.  I than started using P50 every day and night, religiously,  consistency is key!  I think of it like working out, the more you do it, the better results you will see.

I can honestly say that after two months, my skin is not perfect, but I no longer have cystic acne, and I have that dewy healthy glow back!  Using P50 and Mask Vivant every day has gotten my skin to the point it is at today.  It is a lifestyle choice, just like the foods you put into your mouth.  I opted to honestly try a skin care system, and with a little bit of time, I did not have to ingest any meds! YAY!  I am the type of person whom barley takes Tylenol, unless I absolutely need it.

I have to say that with a little bit of time, consistency, dedication, and loving my skin again, I have found the light!

My current morning loves for winter.



In the winter my skin tends to become a little dry from the elements, and inside heat. My skin type is oily with adult breakouts, so adding more challenges means new products, yay! I always use Vivite’ eye cream, which I love, although it tingled slightly more now because of the sensitive eye area being dry. It has a small percentage if glycolic in it, so with dry skin, it works ( tingled) a little harder to revel a smooth, light, fresh eye area.

After I wash my face with the I obagi foaming gel ( seen in the back ground) , I than apply lotion p50 by Biologique Recherche as if it was an after shave, all over my face. The first time I used this, I think I screamed out loud, because it was so intense. My skin has now become familiar with this product, so no more freak outs. This product claims to be a balancing exfoliator, and it certainly leaves my skin renewed. It contains salicylic acid so, sorry if your preggers, this product is a no go for you.

Next I grab my Vivite’ daily facial moisturizer with broad spectrum spf 30. This product allows my skin the moisture balance it needs without being to heavy or greasy, not to mention the spf 30 I make sure to apply everyday. This product even has listed on the front of it that it is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. I love this product and it even contains active ingredients such as oxybenzone 6% which will help to increase healthy skin.

I hope this helps anyone out there who may be experiencing similar skin issues.

Oh and ps. Skincarerx.com sells Vivite’ and you may be able to find both these products for under $60 like I did. ( wink, wink)

Happy holidays and healthy skin to all. Cheers!

Back To Black


Even though I work within the SPA industry, and dark nails are not the norm, I love them. A more rounded tip seems to be proper, while I feel the square tips may be a little passe’. I am a big fan of the shellac manicure, although I put spf lotion on my hands before curing my nails, and take breaks from time to time from shellac.  Shellac does not chip for at least two weeks, and in a busy life-like today, who has time for touch-ups.

Shellac gives a natural look, unlike some gels, nail tips, powders, and other caustic nail products.  When Shellac is ready to come off, just soak in nail polish remover and it will easily peel away, leaving nails unharmed.  Some may argue that shellac is occlusive, and does not let the nail breath, but from my years of experience, it has not been harmful to my nails at all.

Black  nail color is worn by many in-the-know fashionistas, fashion forward, and fashion conscious women.  It’s fun, flirty, and powerful look transcends all trends and nationalities.  So the next time you get your Mani., consider black or a dark color, and consider a round tip instead of the square tip.  It may feel wrong at first, but once the deed is done, it’ll look OH-So-Good, I promise!





Do you know about this London brand nail Polish???

Butter hails from London, and promises a long finish wear just like shellac. This promise is kept provided you use their top, and under coat. Butter says that by using their polisher formulated for long wear, you won’t be let-down, and stay chip free.

The sales associate in Barney’s NYC claims that shellac, gel, and other nail products are harmful, and cause long-term nail damage. She offered to do a quick nail polish change to prove how awesome her brand is. I kindly declined as I know my clothes would be the ones demoing the stylish lacquer, and not my nails.

I could see that the packaging was thoughtfully done, and the colors were like candy to a kid’s eyes. I chose “slapper”, the color was like none I have seen before, and currently trending on my toes.  (This is also the color lacquer shown in the picture.)   A bottle of butter will cost $14 USD. The base and top coat runs $18 USD.

Three of the classic best sellers are “all hail the queen”, “blogger”, and “union Jack”, although the list goes on and on. I Hope you have the time to try this funky nail lacquer line. The money is well worth the long wear, especially if you are good at doing your own nails!

Happy Halloween!!!