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I have to say that if you’re not familiar with Diptyque then you are missing out on one of the finer things in life and should change that. These candles not only smell heavenly but also burn for hours without loosing integrity. 

Some of my favorite scents are Baies, which smells like a black rose; Fou de bois which smells like a winter fireside in a Swiss chalet, and of course Philosykos which smells like a fig tree from the south of France! 

So do yourself a favor and check out these candles and matching perfumes. Trust me, they make great gifts and are perfect for any occasion, you won’t be disappointed. 



Cooler Air, Fall Scents!



Now that cooler temperatures are here what fragrances are you loving and better yet burning? Filling your home with yummy scents makes one’s humble abode more comfy!
Currently I am crushing on VOLUSPA’S  POMEGRANATE BLOOD ORANGE candle. It’s made with a coconut wax blend and fills my bedroom with a super fall fragrant scent, without being to overpoweing. I don’t wear perfume as I easily get headaches, however a little scent creates a special atmosphere.
This candle will burn approximately 40 hours with proper wick maintenance. Cutting the wick before each burn is essential to a healthy, long lasting burn. Sniffing candles instead of blowing them out is also best for wick maintenance. 
This lovley candle should cost around $30 USD and is totally worth the splurge as it’ll last into the holidays with frequent use, if not longer!
Hope everyone finds their perfect home scent! Always use caution, and never leave candles unattended!

Diptyque solid perfume.


Diptyque solid perfume.

I am a huge fan of Diptyque, and these solid perfumes are just an added luxury must! Diptyque was founded by three friends in 1961, and opened their first store on 34 St-Germain Boulevard, Paris. They launched the first scented candle in 1963, and a few years later introduced their first line of fragrance.
I have been a fan of Diptyque since I have found them many years ago. The sensual, alluring fragrances crafted by these world traveled artist combined a sense of luxury, comfort, and intrigue. I find it crafty that the same scent in a Diptyque candle can be worn as a personal fragrance, genius! (I believe Joan Malone has cornered this market as well.)
The solid perfume that is featured is called L’Ombre, and is a unisex scent which is also one of the first fragrances introduced by Diptyque. I am a fan of this potion infused with clean moss notes, roses, and a sensual mix that caresses my skin in the fall. The solid is great to carry if you travel or simply are not a fan of spray on perfumes. I don’t normally like fragrances, as I’ve mentioned in other posts because I get headaches quickly, but not in this case!
If you are not familiar with Diptyque please click through the picture and explore a world of luxury I have fallen in love with years ago! Cheers!