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5 simple steps to make your holidays Parisian.


If you’re not able to spend the holidays in Paris or abroad there are a few simple things you can do  to bring Europe to you. 

  • 1. Make sure to have bubbly on-hand. A bottle of champagne is great for any occasion, including the holidays. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a few bubbles in any glass will make the occasion sparkle like the Eiffel Tower.
  • 2. Fresh cut flowers always makes a room more fragrant and lively. Reminecient of the French country side or gardens in Versailles, this accent of flowers will create a sense of luxury. 
  • 3. Macaroons… Must I say much more? 
  • 4. Nail polish is a French women’s best friend, just as, red lipstick is. This quick, inexpensive purchase will not only look great on manicured nails, but also as an accent to any display. 
  • 5. Add any small Parisian souvenir to your holiday dinner table setting. This small accent will add a touch of whimsical European travels, and can also add as a conversation piece. 

I hope the 5 simple tips brighten your thoughts and holiday season! Happy travels, happy holidays, and happy new year!
Cheers! 🎄🎁🍾http://curederepos.com


Daily Staples


This YSL foundation is one of my secret weapons. I have been in love with it for over a year and it gives just the right amount of coverage without looking to heavy. This foundation helps to improve the #glow in my skin and the #spf is an added advantage. 

Mascara is one of my sought after musts. I’ve been using #lancome mascara for the last past several months and just ordered another. It gives the lashes more volume and I love the color. My lashes are naturally blonde so this helps to define them without smudging or smearing throughout the day. 

Both these items are money well spent and I’d gladly do it again  basics are key to a Beauty regime, so when you find what works it’s nice to share your favs. Fell free to comment on your most beloved #makeup core products. 


Italy 2015!



I can not wait to visit italy again this year! All of this studying, gym, work, and daily grind will be worth it. Life is to be lived, and get-aways make the tuff times easier, as there is somthing to look forward to.
I definitely plan on hitting the coast and hiking the dolomites! Any suggestions are warmly welcomed too. Here’s to planning your next get-away.

Choose Your Cleanser!



The weather is warming up here in the north-eastern states, and let’s hope it keeps on trend!
With the changing of seasons, so should our skin-care regime, which always starts with…CLEANSING!  I posted three cleansers that can address three different skin types.

*La prairie foam cleanser is great for a  dry skin type. This cleanser is also perfect for a mature skin.
*LA MER the cleansing foam is also good for a dry skin type, but can also help with a combination skin type.
*PCA skin facial wash oily/problem is great for that excessive oily to a little oily skin type. It is also good for that skin type that experiences break outs.

With each of these products only a small amount is needed to complete the cleansing process. (Remember to cleanse the skin twice)

I keep each of these cleansers in my routine, although I have an oily/ adult acne skin type. I find that at different points in the year my skin calls for different products which address different needs. I could use the foam cleanser by La prairie when I am not in the dead of winter, although I prefer the facial wash by PCA skin during the warmer months.

There is no exact formula in which product to use at what exact time, it is all about addressing your own individual skin-care needs. These just happen to be three of my favorite cleansers which are usually always on hand, although I will switch up according to my daily skin needs.

Which cleansers do you love and why? Feel free to leave comments or questions as always. Here’s to a quick approaching spring and warmer weather..

Glamorous Vail Colorado



If you love winter sports as much as I do, I hope you have had the chance to enjoy some fresh powder this season.  Vail is always one of my favorite spots to hit. I always make it a point to hit the peak, and have a drink while chilling for a bit, before heading back down to the village.  The weather was lovley, and the sites are always charming. Here’s to a great 2015!