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5 simple steps to make your holidays Parisian.


If you’re not able to spend the holidays in Paris or abroad there are a few simple things you can do  to bring Europe to you. 

  • 1. Make sure to have bubbly on-hand. A bottle of champagne is great for any occasion, including the holidays. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a few bubbles in any glass will make the occasion sparkle like the Eiffel Tower.
  • 2. Fresh cut flowers always makes a room more fragrant and lively. Reminecient of the French country side or gardens in Versailles, this accent of flowers will create a sense of luxury. 
  • 3. Macaroons… Must I say much more? 
  • 4. Nail polish is a French women’s best friend, just as, red lipstick is. This quick, inexpensive purchase will not only look great on manicured nails, but also as an accent to any display. 
  • 5. Add any small Parisian souvenir to your holiday dinner table setting. This small accent will add a touch of whimsical European travels, and can also add as a conversation piece. 

I hope the 5 simple tips brighten your thoughts and holiday season! Happy travels, happy holidays, and happy new year!
Cheers! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸΎhttp://curederepos.com


Winter skin-care tips!


As the seasons change, and the weather becomes colder, keeping one’s skin under control can become quite a challenge. Personally my skin is in itself a challenge year round as I battle adult acne, redness, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. I have to admit, I am not one who loves creams or moisturizer for my skin personally because I already produce enough oils as it is. However, in the winter I do become a bit surface dry, my skin is visibly dry and sometime flaky.

Last year the senior aestheticians convinced me to give Dermopurifiante by Biologique Recherche a try. This cream is very purifying for oily/ combination skin which leaves my complexion unified and hydrated without feeling greasy.


*Purifies the skin with antibacterial active ingredients

*Helps to regulate sebaceous secretions

*Helps tighten pores

*Softens skin blemishes

I actually love this cream to date and use it religiously as my night cream year round. However, I feel sometimes that it can be a bit much for daily use, this is when I discovered EMULSION GEL BIOSENSIBLE S.R. by Biologique Recherche. I have used this gel daily for the past two weeks and I am loving it! After cleansing my skin, I apply P50, Serum VG Tensil (for firming), and finish with Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. This preps my skin perfectly for my daily makeup application.

Emulsion Gel Biosensible S. R.:

*Reduces redness and relieves tight skin

*Regulates oil production

*Illuminates and evens out the complexion

This system seems to be working great for my skin type which has been called very difficult by some of the best Aestheticians, but it is the truth. I also practice what I preach and get a facial every four weeks. This is a must to keep my skin on track, and away from the Dr. with all his/her medications, creams, and pills. Last but not least I must mention, I also continue to mask my skin once a week with mask VIVANT and use Retinal 1 by ENVIRON once a week at night!

Cooler Air, Fall Scents!



Now that cooler temperatures are here what fragrances are you loving and better yet burning? Filling your home with yummy scents makes one’s humble abode more comfy!
Currently I am crushing on VOLUSPA’S  POMEGRANATE BLOOD ORANGE candle. It’s made with a coconut wax blend and fills my bedroom with a super fall fragrant scent, without being to overpoweing. I don’t wear perfume as I easily get headaches, however a little scent creates a special atmosphere.
This candle will burn approximately 40 hours with proper wick maintenance. Cutting the wick before each burn is essential to a healthy, long lasting burn. Sniffing candles instead of blowing them out is also best for wick maintenance. 
This lovley candle should cost around $30 USD and is totally worth the splurge as it’ll last into the holidays with frequent use, if not longer!
Hope everyone finds their perfect home scent! Always use caution, and never leave candles unattended!

Ah…Paris, So We Meet Again …



My trip to Paris this year was short lived. After spending almost three weeks in Florence, I took a small plane to France, specifically to study at the original BR spa. (The flight was full of turbulence, as heading back to Italy!)
Although Paris was rainy, cold, and buzzing with the same city life I remember from five years ago, it was quick. My training at BR was great because of Vinida, who is an amazing master aesthetician. I hope to utilize all that I have learned when I return to the states at my home spa in Philadelphia.

Serums for life!



I have been using eye creams and serums since the tender age of 28, and sware it has made a large impact on how my skin looks today. It is important to have a good skin care regime. One should think of skin care regimes as a marathon and not a sprint. We live to be 100 years old these days, and that’s gonna take some maintenance. 
One serum I have been swooning over latley is VG Tensil by Biologique Recherche. This serum from Paris smooths fine lines, firms, tones, and helps with cellular renewal. Some key ingredients to this magic potion are hazelnut olgopeptides,  rye and manioc extracts.
I apply VG Tensil to my face (avoiding the eye area), neck, and chest area till it absorbs. I may not be busty, but who doesn’t want a bit of firming action? For complete application I use approximately 20 drops, applied to finger tips, pressing in an upward motion for optimal results.
This is one of many serums I like to add into my regime, I may not use this daily, although at least three times a week. Keep in mind, like Saks 5th Ave shoe floor, there are many serums to select from. Serums can be used together for optimal results or separately for a more targeted concern.
I hope everyone has at least one serum they are in love with, and if not feel free to message me with concerns or questions and I’ll be more then happy to steer you in the right direction!

Italy 2015!



I can not wait to visit italy again this year! All of this studying, gym, work, and daily grind will be worth it. Life is to be lived, and get-aways make the tuff times easier, as there is somthing to look forward to.
I definitely plan on hitting the coast and hiking the dolomites! Any suggestions are warmly welcomed too. Here’s to planning your next get-away.