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Winter skin-care tips!


As the seasons change, and the weather becomes colder, keeping one’s skin under control can become quite a challenge. Personally my skin is in itself a challenge year round as I battle adult acne, redness, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. I have to admit, I am not one who loves creams or moisturizer for my skin personally because I already produce enough oils as it is. However, in the winter I do become a bit surface dry, my skin is visibly dry and sometime flaky.

Last year the senior aestheticians convinced me to give Dermopurifiante by Biologique Recherche a try. This cream is very purifying for oily/ combination skin which leaves my complexion unified and hydrated without feeling greasy.


*Purifies the skin with antibacterial active ingredients

*Helps to regulate sebaceous secretions

*Helps tighten pores

*Softens skin blemishes

I actually love this cream to date and use it religiously as my night cream year round. However, I feel sometimes that it can be a bit much for daily use, this is when I discovered EMULSION GEL BIOSENSIBLE S.R. by Biologique Recherche. I have used this gel daily for the past two weeks and I am loving it! After cleansing my skin, I apply P50, Serum VG Tensil (for firming), and finish with Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. This preps my skin perfectly for my daily makeup application.

Emulsion Gel Biosensible S. R.:

*Reduces redness and relieves tight skin

*Regulates oil production

*Illuminates and evens out the complexion

This system seems to be working great for my skin type which has been called very difficult by some of the best Aestheticians, but it is the truth. I also practice what I preach and get a facial every four weeks. This is a must to keep my skin on track, and away from the Dr. with all his/her medications, creams, and pills. Last but not least I must mention, I also continue to mask my skin once a week with mask VIVANT and use Retinal 1 by ENVIRON once a week at night!


Fun Summer Hair!



Are you loving the headband trend? This beautiful piece is from Anthropology,  and cost around $35USD. The quality of this headband is totally worth the money, and wears super comfortable.  (No headaches here) I knew it had to be made in India after seeing all the ornate detailing.  The designer’s name is Deepa Gurnani, if my eyes see correctly. 
The headband is a perfect touch to any outfit. My hair is medium in thickness, so tucking it up in the back was not a problem without any bobbi pins. This is great for a hot summer day, to look polished, without to much fuss! I also plan to wear my hair down, and in a bun with this headband.  So many options! Please feel free to comment on how you wear your hair, and any added tips are always welcomed!!!

Back To Black


Even though I work within the SPA industry, and dark nails are not the norm, I love them. A more rounded tip seems to be proper, while I feel the square tips may be a little passe’. I am a big fan of the shellac manicure, although I put spf lotion on my hands before curing my nails, and take breaks from time to time from shellac.  Shellac does not chip for at least two weeks, and in a busy life-like today, who has time for touch-ups.

Shellac gives a natural look, unlike some gels, nail tips, powders, and other caustic nail products.  When Shellac is ready to come off, just soak in nail polish remover and it will easily peel away, leaving nails unharmed.  Some may argue that shellac is occlusive, and does not let the nail breath, but from my years of experience, it has not been harmful to my nails at all.

Black  nail color is worn by many in-the-know fashionistas, fashion forward, and fashion conscious women.  It’s fun, flirty, and powerful look transcends all trends and nationalities.  So the next time you get your Mani., consider black or a dark color, and consider a round tip instead of the square tip.  It may feel wrong at first, but once the deed is done, it’ll look OH-So-Good, I promise!


This is a very important cause!


Deborah Szekely– Known and respected by many as the “Godmother of the spa industry,” she celebrated her 90th birthday this year and will provide her annual challenge to the industry and present her Wellness Warriors movement. Deborah will inspire your mind and challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone and start a spa industry revolution.  (_ISPA)

Please follow this link and read the information that the US Government and Big Agro and Pharma companies are doing to our food supply!  If your care about yourself, husband, or/and kids you owe it to yourself and them to at least glance at this link!  Please tell yourself and others about our food supply!

Education on how science has changed our corn, beef, milk, and even soy is essential to fight cancers that don’t exist in other countries! Why? Because theyre governments will not allow their food supply to be compromised by these changes that just came about in 1994, not enough testing to prove they are not harmful.  The US Government says there isn’t enough testing on these science engineered foods to prove they are NOT harmful, so feed our society, and let the Pharma companies worry about it later!

Please look into the foods you are feeding your loved ones, together we can make a change!

Beauty tips on the go for international travels!


If you happen to find yourself in another country like India than do yourself a favor and only drink bottled water, and eat only foods that are cooked. International travel can be hard on the human body not only from the long flight but also from potential food aversion. Always check with the US international website for any questions on vaccines, emergency information, and other important information for your travels. 

When I travel to other countries I always make sure I am current on all my vaccines such as hepatitis A and B. I find that I rarely fall sick, although its better to be safe than sorry. Cheers!