Blue print cleanse!



Blue Print Cleanse is all the rage on the West Coast and I saw it in whole foods this past week, in Philly.  Yay! Juice cleanses have been around for a while, and even if you’ve never tried one, I am sure you have heard about them. This cleanse runs about $60 USD and has six different juices.
Blue Print has different levels of cleanses from beginner to hardcore.  The beginner or Renovation Cleanse, is for people who “get their to tomato and potato intake from ketchup and fries”. The hardcore or Excavation Cleanse is for those who are extremely dedicated “a raw foodist,  Vegan, and drinking isn’t a habit”.
Blue Print Cleanse aims to gently purify and rid ones body of impurities.  This will help your body’s metabolism to get back on track and digestive system.
The cool thing is that these juices are 100% USDA organic certified. These cleanses are even good for people who are lactose and gluten free. 🙂
Solid foods are not recommended during a cleanse as “benefits will be lost” although they have a cheat sheet on if you have the urge to chew. Besides the six juices in the week cleanse BPC also sells individual juices.
I think I am going to order my Blue Print Cleanse next week, and I will let everyone know how it goes if so!


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