Natural Deodorant Fail.



I’m sorry to report, although if you looking for a natural deodorant, save your $7USD. I have been on the endless search for a natural deodorant, because I believe parabans, aluminum, propylene glycol, and other such ingredients are not good to apply to your skin. The skin under your arm pit is delicate, close to lymph nodes, and I believe is a major contributor to breast cancer in the US. Freshly shaven or waxed arm pits leave you with, essentially open skin, than to apply toxins onto this area makes me cringe. Society dictates that we must not have offensive body oder, and after traveling to India, I agree. The majority of US citizens use deodorant, although is it safe? I believe there has to be a balance, and I hoping there is a deodorant product out there that can aid in my quest for a natural product, that works. JASON pure natural DEODORANT STICK, did not make the grade. I wore this product for two days, and by mid day on both days, I was starting to notice its lasting power. It is soothing, and feels nice on the skin, containing aloe, but it kust could not power through till the end of my day. Fortunately, I was not working in close quarters on these days, applying makeup, or giving facials, because if I was, I would’ve been embarrassed. I like the idea of the JASON deodorant products, although I’m not ready to sacrifice my Serect deodorant quite yet. Cheers!


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