Package Fail!



I am loving this MAC formulation and brush in this mascara, but not the packaging so much! After a week the top started to just crumble away. I thought maybe I was to hard on my purse when putting it down, and it turn breaking my makeup. I noticed non of my other makeup kept in my purse was broken though. Hmmm? So I stopped at MAC the other day and the girl working there said it’s happening to everyone, and to just return it. They are formulating new packaging for this product. I was happy to hear this because this mascara was working like a dream till it broke! So if you have this same problem, just return to MAC and pick up a new mascara in the mean time. I’ll keep everyone posted about when the newly packaged mascara arrives on the scene! Cheers.


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  1. My friend Joanna will be contacting you about doing her wedding in July. I’m sure you’ll make a great impression!!

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