Choose Your Weapon!



Eyebrow styling is such an important part of having a finished look! Trusting someone to touch your brows can be scary, but necessary. A perfect arch can complete a look, and offer a foundation for any makeup application. Eyebrows are an intricate part in a look; if you notice they can even be a dead giveaway for eras of different times. Waxing may also be necessary, but should not be the fix! These tools featured in this picture is what truly allows the magic to happen. Waxing is like priming a canvas, the picture is not complete without the other tools and paints. So when getting your brows styled, if done properly, should take more than a five minutes. I spend around 15 minutes on each guest. This is not a service to be rushed, if you or the provider do not have the time, its best to wait. Natural brows are in, and have been for sometime. A “clean up” or “shaping” is a craft, and should be taken seriously, because its your face after all. So choose wisely, and when asking for a brow styling, make sure they understand the terminology; that’s when you can almost guarantee you’re in good hands. Cheers!


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