My current morning loves for winter.



In the winter my skin tends to become a little dry from the elements, and inside heat. My skin type is oily with adult breakouts, so adding more challenges means new products, yay! I always use Vivite’ eye cream, which I love, although it tingled slightly more now because of the sensitive eye area being dry. It has a small percentage if glycolic in it, so with dry skin, it works ( tingled) a little harder to revel a smooth, light, fresh eye area.

After I wash my face with the I obagi foaming gel ( seen in the back ground) , I than apply lotion p50 by Biologique Recherche as if it was an after shave, all over my face. The first time I used this, I think I screamed out loud, because it was so intense. My skin has now become familiar with this product, so no more freak outs. This product claims to be a balancing exfoliator, and it certainly leaves my skin renewed. It contains salicylic acid so, sorry if your preggers, this product is a no go for you.

Next I grab my Vivite’ daily facial moisturizer with broad spectrum spf 30. This product allows my skin the moisture balance it needs without being to heavy or greasy, not to mention the spf 30 I make sure to apply everyday. This product even has listed on the front of it that it is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. I love this product and it even contains active ingredients such as oxybenzone 6% which will help to increase healthy skin.

I hope this helps anyone out there who may be experiencing similar skin issues.

Oh and ps. sells Vivite’ and you may be able to find both these products for under $60 like I did. ( wink, wink)

Happy holidays and healthy skin to all. Cheers!


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