Do you know about this London brand nail Polish???

Butter hails from London, and promises a long finish wear just like shellac. This promise is kept provided you use their top, and under coat. Butter says that by using their polisher formulated for long wear, you won’t be let-down, and stay chip free.

The sales associate in Barney’s NYC claims that shellac, gel, and other nail products are harmful, and cause long-term nail damage. She offered to do a quick nail polish change to prove how awesome her brand is. I kindly declined as I know my clothes would be the ones demoing the stylish lacquer, and not my nails.

I could see that the packaging was thoughtfully done, and the colors were like candy to a kid’s eyes. I chose “slapper”, the color was like none I have seen before, and currently trending on my toes.  (This is also the color lacquer shown in the picture.)   A bottle of butter will cost $14 USD. The base and top coat runs $18 USD.

Three of the classic best sellers are “all hail the queen”, “blogger”, and “union Jack”, although the list goes on and on. I Hope you have the time to try this funky nail lacquer line. The money is well worth the long wear, especially if you are good at doing your own nails!

Happy Halloween!!!



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