Back To Black


Even though I work within the SPA industry, and dark nails are not the norm, I love them. A more rounded tip seems to be proper, while I feel the square tips may be a little passe’. I am a big fan of the shellac manicure, although I put spf lotion on my hands before curing my nails, and take breaks from time to time from shellac.  Shellac does not chip for at least two weeks, and in a busy life-like today, who has time for touch-ups.

Shellac gives a natural look, unlike some gels, nail tips, powders, and other caustic nail products.  When Shellac is ready to come off, just soak in nail polish remover and it will easily peel away, leaving nails unharmed.  Some may argue that shellac is occlusive, and does not let the nail breath, but from my years of experience, it has not been harmful to my nails at all.

Black  nail color is worn by many in-the-know fashionistas, fashion forward, and fashion conscious women.  It’s fun, flirty, and powerful look transcends all trends and nationalities.  So the next time you get your Mani., consider black or a dark color, and consider a round tip instead of the square tip.  It may feel wrong at first, but once the deed is done, it’ll look OH-So-Good, I promise!



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