This is a very important cause!


Deborah Szekely– Known and respected by many as the “Godmother of the spa industry,” she celebrated her 90th birthday this year and will provide her annual challenge to the industry and present her Wellness Warriors movement. Deborah will inspire your mind and challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone and start a spa industry revolution.  (_ISPA)

Please follow this link and read the information that the US Government and Big Agro and Pharma companies are doing to our food supply!  If your care about yourself, husband, or/and kids you owe it to yourself and them to at least glance at this link!  Please tell yourself and others about our food supply!

Education on how science has changed our corn, beef, milk, and even soy is essential to fight cancers that don’t exist in other countries! Why? Because theyre governments will not allow their food supply to be compromised by these changes that just came about in 1994, not enough testing to prove they are not harmful.  The US Government says there isn’t enough testing on these science engineered foods to prove they are NOT harmful, so feed our society, and let the Pharma companies worry about it later!

Please look into the foods you are feeding your loved ones, together we can make a change!


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