This palette is amongst my favorites! It can be used year round for an everyday look and transition into evening for any skin color. The shadow lasts long and is not irritating where sometimes I find if I layer MAC eye shadows there is an ingredient that makes my eye lids itchy. The pigments in these shadows are made with a punch so a little goes a long way.

Naked palette 1 and 2 are similar but I believe 2 to be a little more versatile, although I love both. They are great for women on the go or if you travel a lot. These palettes come with a brush that is good for blending and all over color deposit. Naked 1 and 2 will cost around $50 USD and is worth every penny.

I find that I gravitate towards this particular palette more so in the fall/winter because the neutrals are so fun to pair with the charcoals and black, where in the warmer months I like to experiment with brighter colors.  I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to wash a neutral from my lash line to brow line and then blend a darker color to give some depth to the eye.

When I am feeling adventurous, I may use more than two colors which on clients I generally use the two or more rule.  This palette is a great find and will last a long time which makes it worth the money. You won’t be disappointed with this shadow’s staying power, but if you are a die hard for primer I won’t stop you! Cheers!


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