How could I have forgotten you?



ST. TROPEZ is by far one of my favorite self tanning products.

This product featured here is called ” perfect legs” and can be used at your leisure. ST. TROPEZ recommends that the white portion be applied first, which is the gradual tan lotion, and then apply the black pump sweeping from toes to upper thighs over the first application , ie white pump. The black pump is the instant golden bronze, instant satisfaction part which will allow you to have flawless legs while the ( white pump) gradual tan works its magic!

Unfortunately I’ve always mixed the two together as seen in the picture, and just make sure it’s applied evenly; I’ve seen great result with this method. Oops. ST. TROPEZ does also recommend exfoliating before applying any of their products, and trust me I agree full heartedly. ( I’ll save the horror stories for another time) This product is without a doubt one of my favorites for perfect gams, and I recommend checking out the full product line!



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