HENNA love.



Henna is a plant used to temporarily dye and decorate hands, and dye hair for beauty purposes dating back centuries. Henna is 100% all natural so it is safe to use. The natural dye goes on wet, black, and then after about two hours it dries into a beautiful orange-brownish color. The saying is that the darker the stain the deeper the love your husband has for you.  The Henna starts to fade several days after being applied till it is completely gone. 

 I was able to partake in this fun, eventful tradition this past weekend as two of my friends entered into marriage. The Henna ceremony was held Friday afternoon followed by the Sangeet celebration at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia.  It was a festive gathering, and the woman who performed the Henna tattoos was quick with beautiful results.  The wedding was held the next day where two families, and two cultures (Mexican/Indian) became one.  The Indian dancers and mariachi band definitely made for an all around the world experience.

 If you ever have the chance to join in on this tradition I suggest you don’t pass it up as its temporary and a lot of fun!  If you are planning an event, and would like to have Henna taboos feel free to ask me. I can recommend several great people who do parties across the USA, U.K. and India.  Cheers!


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