Alright ladies let’s talk about cellulite!



As we all know everyone has cellulite including Paris Hilton. So what can we do about it and how is it caused? Cellulite is caused by number one being a woman, and genes no matter how large or small! Some men also develop cellulite, but in rare cases. Slow metabolism, lack of physical activity, poor diet are just some of the attributing factors. I am one of those blessed people that lack in this area unless I put on weight or don’t stay active.

I wanted to put Bliss labs fatgirlslim to the test. This “lean, mean skin firming cream” is packed with caffeine which promised to keep that orange peel look at bay. I am using this product in the morning, and evening to maximize touted benefits now that summer is here. I find that each summer that comes along is an opportunity to look for products to enhance what was hidden over the winter months. This product is also said to be used on any part of the body that needs that tightening effect such as arms, belly, and so on.

Treatments such as massage on a regular basis will help to alleviate cellulite.  Advanced types of treatments such as Mesotherapy and even liposuction promise to rid the puckered look, although I am a huge advocate to start small.

Please leave any comments or tips, and I’ll be sure to give an up date in a week or so!  Happy bikini bottom season!


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  1. tightening effect?? please post an update in a couple of weeks time with the results. Would love to hear more about this product!! thank you! Love your blog!

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