I’ve been asked if I use a primer and if so why? Primers are made primarily to make sure that your makeup stays on and in place all day. I haven’t found one that I love to use on a daily basis although I use Laura Mercier’s When getting ready for an event. I have come across this pore professional product by Benefit which minimizes the look of your pores.

I always side-stepped Benefit because I thought the packaging was trendy and cute which maybe related to a teen clientele. After using this product I can say that my pores have disappeared! It acts as a temporary filler for larger pores without clogging them or causing break-outs. I specifically have two large pores on my face that drive me crazy and have been on the hunt for a product like this.

I apply this product to my nose, cheeks, and chin area, where my pores are largest. Then I finish with spf and make up. (Moisturizer and eye cream before any of this of course) This product is inexpensive and are found at Sephora, Macy’s, as well as other department stores, and online of course.



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