The Spa at The Royal Myconian Thallaso Spa. Mykonos, Greece.


The Spa at The Royal Myconian Thallaso Spa  in Mykonos Greece is straight out of a destination magazine that one can only dream of stumbling upon once in a lifetime.  This spa offers services which use St Barth’s products from the Caribbean. I found this interesting because they advertised the products as exotic, although they were familiar to me and hit close to home as I now live in Philadelphia, USA. I would have found a product line from Greece or the local Islands more exotic.  This was fine by me because the surroundings were ultra exclusive, and this destination had so much to offer.

The facial was average with a bed that …didn’t allow for much wiggle room. (C+) The massage was average too, but I found it more enjoyable than the facial. (B-)  The amenities were comfortable as they offered unisex steam and sauna that you could enjoy with your significant other. (B+) The locker rooms were spacious and allowed one to enjoy a pleasant shower with local products (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner). The ball dropped when the Spa attendant took my towels before I was finished! This forced me to throw on my beach cover up (soaked), and into the public check out area, begging for a towel! (F)

As for the waiting area it was open air, although in tucked back quarters with large candles and draping fabrics which allowed for some privacy.   Private relaxation as one could feel the breeze from the Aegean Sea was an experience worth savoring, especially if you are with a loved one. (A++)  The Facility was kept clean and water is offered for refreshment.  Although the service left me wanting more, the resort is top-notch and I would definitely return.  Overall (A)


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