Skincare tips for pregnant women.


A friend asked what’s my for my suggestion for best face wash, day cream, night cream, and eye cream.  She has normal to dry skin and is prone to break outs more so now than ever as she is 4 months pregnant.  She is currently using Cindy Crawford’s meaningful beauty product line which I am not familiar with, and Christine has stated it’s a bit pricey for the size she receives, and doesn’t help much with her breakouts.  Sounds like we need to change a few things in her skin care arsenal!!!

First thing first, Congratulations on your little bundle to come!  Second, let’s discuss where you’re breaking out and how; this will help me to discuss your needs more pointedly.   If I suspect correctly your hormones are going crazy because of pregnancy so your having hormonal breakouts, which means they are sometimes cystic but not always, and under the chin, jaw line all the way back to your ears?  (Pretty much where a man’s beard would grow)  If this is the case, and you do have cystic acne which is painful and can hurt at times than I suggest getting a GLYCOLIC peel.  This will help to clear any bacteria and help with edema or swelling creating a more even clear complexion.  Now, important so pay attention if you’re pregnant; Dr.s advice to refrain from using retin-As, retinols, and salicylic acid as it is teratogenic.  This means that these products may cause birth defects and should be avoided, but if you find any of these ingredients in your products, don’t freak just simply stop using them.  If your acne is superficial than at home care is enough and a product such as Cane + Austin glycolic treatment pads will be a life saver.   They will help to illuminate acne, lighten and brighten ones complexion, and lightly exfoliate. These run around $50 for 60 pads are found at Rejuviessence day spa as well as on-line.

Now on to face wash I believe Peter Thomas Roth has a great glycolic face wash that is used on the face and body or Jan Marani’s Bioglycolic is just as fabulous.  This will first help to support a healthy skin by eliminating pesky break outs, help with hyper pigmentation, and smooth the skin’s surface.  (Ladies our age should have at least one product with glycollic in it, if not several in there at home care regime!!!)

Next day and night cream.  Foe someone with a dry to normal skin with break outs we want moisture but not occlusion.  So, I would recommend Skin ceuticals hydrating B5 gel or their hyloronic acid…  These act as serum to help attract water molecules, and bound them to the skin.  They do not feel heavy but will do the magic trick of a heavy cream without breaking the skin out.  Moisturizer on top really depends on which lines you prefer.  If you love the one you’re using you can add it in this step!  I would suggest Cane + Austin day cream or a vitamin C day cream.  At night I love Dr Perricones olive oil polyphenols Night Face which contains DMAE, an anti aging magic ingredient.  I don’t always use night cream but when I feel like it I usually opt for this one or La Mer.

I love a lot of eye creams!  My all time favorite is probably Vivite revitalizing eye cream because it does everything.  I also put it in the refrigerator to help with puffiness in the morning.  I also tell my clients to make sure their diets are on point as well.  Sometimes someone may have dark circles because they don’t have enough iron or zinc in their diet.

…. And I saved the best for last, SPF LADIES!!!!  It’s a must, period!  I’m a fan of Obagi, skin ceuticals, sun forgettable by color science, Dermalogica sun booster ( which u can add a few drops to your favorites cream and viola, instant SPF boost), and many more!!!  I hope this helps and I can’t wait to get video because this process will be a lot faster for all of us.   Thank you for reading my suggestions and let me know if you would like clarification on anything I have stated.


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