Cavallo Point Luxury Spa in California review.


Cavallo Point luxury resort and spa in California is a relaxing escape across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. I had a scheduled appointment at two in the afternoon for a body scrub and half hour reflexology treatment.  I finished lunch with my BF and  hailed a cab, which whisked me down the hills of San Francisco, and off to the spa.  My cabbie  explained that at one point this destination was an active Army base used through WWII.  As we approached the bridge we noticed a marathon was actively taking place which rerouted us to a different direction.  The reason I mention this is because it had made me twenty minutes late to my appointment although my time was not cut. (A++)

Once through the breezy check in area fully equipped with an extensive tea bar,  I was off to the women’s changing room where I quickly put on my robe and slippers.  My therapist was eagerly awaiting me outside the changing area, and we entered an elevator which took us to the second floor where all the services take place. (B)  The therapist took me to a dry room for my body scrub, which I had specifically asked for a Vichy room over the phone when booking . (F)  I asked my therapist if she minded if I just switched to an aromatherapy body massage, but she convinced me otherwise stating that the bamboo scrub will leave my skin baby soft. (A+ for salesmanship) I conceded and went ahead with the body scrub which was relaxing, not to aggressive, and there was a shower in the room with old no-slip flowers on the floor of the tub.  (C)  My skin was left supple and glowing as I showered and my therapist changed the bed for my next treatment, reflexology.

When I emerged from the shower she was waiting for me with a glass of lemon water and invited me to take my time and she would return when I was under the sheets, awaiting my next treatment.(A)  I usually don’t feel the need to ask about what services are  to be rendered once I’m on the massage table, but with the body scrub and specifically stating that I wanted it in a wet room; I felt the need to clarify the next treatment of a thirty minute reflexology where my therapist had been caught off guard once again.  She was under the impression that I was to receive a thirty minute massage, which I am way too greedy for, and would never book. (F)  So she said aloud, “We’ll customize this treatment Just…. For…. You”,  although this is what I booked over the phone in the first place.  I like to always give the benefit of the doubt, but in this case she did sound as if she was being facetious. (F) This made me tense up, the last thing you want while at a spa.  I decided to just relax as I still had thirty minutes of relaxation to go and I was more interested in the reflexology than worrying about anything else.

Once she finished, she told me she would be waiting outside with a fresh glass of water, and to take my time.  She offered me the glass of water once I emerged from the treatment room and escorted me into the elevator where she thanked me for coming in, pushed the button and sent me to the ground floor, alone.  I was very relaxed and my skin felt amazing.

I decided to go for a swim since I had an hour to burn, and maybe, a dip in the hot tub.  They sold bathing suits at the check in area which is very smart because guests like me don’t think to pack one as I was only there for a few hours.  I was also able to ask from the friendly front staff that a cab be called for me in an hour. (A)   The amenities were very enjoyable and relaxing. Inside by the fire-place they offered self-serve lemon water, warm tea, and fruit. The establishment was clean and well maintained. (A+)  After my swim, dip in the hot tub, and shower, my cab had arrived, perfect timing.  I finished putting myself back together and breezed through the check out to my cab with softened baby skin a relaxed sense of mind.

My therapist was good in her technique, although I’m not sure if she had been annoyed with me being late, which I would’ve just cut a guests time if I was back to back. (C+)  As for booking over the phone and specifically asking for a Vichy room where I would’ve liked my body scrub performed, as well as, the add on of thirty minute foot reflexology staff miscommunication. (F)  I would return to Cavollo Point Spa in the future as it seems like a great spa to visit with a group, although I would make sure no bridges or roads are closed down as to arrive on time!  My overall rating for Cavollo Point Spa is a (B).Image


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